Thursday, October 18, 2012

Early morning dream thaththuvam

Dreamt today morning of the existence of a strange device.

Assume you are a decent person and wish well for the world regardless of your own personal life. 

Consider a magical device that you take to a party of n people, where you take with you in your device 
n-1 events that happened in your life in the last month. Whenever you say hello to one of the members, 
they get to experience the event that you had in your life (and vice versa). 
For example, one of the events could be eating good dosa at Komala Vilas, and now they get to eat dosa at KV 
another one could be you playing shuttle with Avi and they get to play shuttle with Avi,
a third one could be getting into a car accident and their car gets smashed etc.

You are very less likely to add the third one to the list even though it may occupy your own personal thoughts vastly. 

The moral is for no particular reason, just by imagining your life from a POV where you want others to experience it makes you think about much more pleasant things in your own life and consequently makes you a happy person! yay! 

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